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Rising Action


Rising Action is a public art experience about natural forces that affect us all.

Adam is the lead visionary behind Rising Action. He has shown widely at venues such as the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Getty Research Institute, Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, and received numerous awards.

He has published two books of photography and has had several public artworks commissioned throughout the world. Most notably, he and his team were awarded a $1 million Public Art Challenge grant through Bloomberg Philanthropies for which Frelin was Lead Artist on Breathing Lights, a multi-city temporary art installation.

Rising Action also features original sound design by Summer Dreggs (Carl Cadwell), and lanterns by Playful Evolving Monsters.

Engagement dates coming soon.

The Alibrije Project


Alebrijes are a traditional Mexican Folk art that depicts colorful patterned animals who are known to guard and protect the environments they live in.

For the Alibrije Project, I am going to make several large ceramic Alebrijes representing native Tennessee animal species. These animals will then be placed to watch over and help promote the hard-working nonprofit organizations that live and work along the Rossville Corridor.

Engagement dates coming soon.


Chase Guajardo is a ceramic artist and printmaker who specializes in the Mexican folk art of Alebrijes. The textured animals she creates are, from her perspective, friendly protectors of areas that need protecting.

Portraits and Seasons of the Boulevard


Portraits and Seasons of the Boulevard will be a series of community led paintings that will become the background for sculptural portraits of the Rossville Boulevard community members.

For me, at the heart of the Art+Climate project, our goal is to create more connection: more connection to our environment and climate, and more connection in our community.

By giving people the time to create a painting to become a part of the final display, I hope to foster an environment where we can all connect with each other and then later can see ourselves reflected in the artwork.

Engagement dates coming soon.


Aubrey Charnell is a classically trained figurative sculptor specializing in the human figure using clay cast into bronze, resin, or plaster.

Andy Ramirez i-JKjWcqW-X3

Andy Ramirez’s work exists in the space of digital photography, the style of which relies on the manipulation of light and focus. He captures a moment and keeps the editing to a minimum and pushes and pulls the subject from the background and creates a three-dimensional effect that gives his work its signature look.

Nuestra Tierra


Nuestra Tierra addresses the marginalization of Rossville’s community and aims to create a platform for environmental stewardship through Latin-centric art.

The first phase involves constructing a 16ft Mesoamerican pyramid as a symbolic centerpiece for community events, promoting representation and connection to the landscape.

The second phase focuses on creating a children’s book to educate Latino children about their heritage’s connection to Chattanooga’s ecosystem, emphasizing neotropical birds and their migration patterns.

By engaging both children and adults, this two-part initiative aims to resonate effectively and promote awareness of our relationship with nature.

Engagement dates coming soon.

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