ArtsBuild Grant Programs

ArtsBuild grant programs serve our goal of providing More Arts in More Places for More People.

Grants are available to local arts organizations of all sizes, non-arts organizations, and as well as special grants to select individual artists.

For inquiries about all grant programs, please contact Rodney Van Valkenburg, Director of Grants and Initiatives at (423) 777-4214 or

Total Grant Investment 2017-18: $602,800

Grant Categories

Mission Support

Mission Support Grants replace the Cultural Partner grant program and are designed to support access to the arts by providing general operating funds to eligible organizations that have arts at the center of their mission.

Application deadline was March 30, 2018.

Mission Support 2017-18 Grant Recipients:

AVA – $21,750
Ballet Tennessee – $22,000
Bessie Smith Cultural Center – $9,300
Chattanooga Ballet – $26,500
Chattanooga Boys Choir – $18,000
Chattanooga Symphony & Opera – $135,000
Chattanooga Theatre Centre – $63,750
Creative Discovery Museum – $64,000
Hunter Museum of American Art – $137,500
Sculpture Fields at Montague Park- $5,000

Equity in the Arts

ArtsBuild, with support from the Benwood Foundation, has created the Equity in the Arts grant program to support projects led by local Black and Latino artists. The goals for the grant program are to help build the careers of local Black and Latino artists; increase sustainability of cultural organizations that focus on Black and Latino arts; build community awareness of Black and Latino arts within Hamilton County; and to support collaborations between Black and Latino artists and other arts organizations within the community.

Letter of Intent deadline was November 3, 2017.  Click here for more information.

Community Cultural Connections

In response to Imagine Chattanooga 20/20, ArtsBuild implemented a program which makes arts and culture more accessible to underserved populations, inclusive of geographic area, ethnicity, age and individuals with disabilities.

These grants have a rolling grant deadline and are available until funds are depleted for the year.  Grant recipients are listed below.

Equity in the Arts Grants

Equity in the Arts Grants[/x_custom_headline]

ArtsBuild with support from the Benwood Foundation, has created a new Equity in the Arts grant program to support projects led by local Black and Latino artists.

Grants up to $10,000 were awarded to eight individual artists and organizations. The goals for the new grant program are to help build the careers of local Black and Latino artists; increase sustainability of cultural organizations that focus on Black and Latino arts; build community awareness of Black and Latino arts within Hamilton County; and to support collaborations between Black and Latino artists and other arts organizations within the community.

2017 Grant Winners and Activities include:


Bio: Eric Finley Jr., the artist also known as “SEVEN,” is originally from Chattanooga, TN. A graduate of American Intercontinental University, with a Bachelors of Fine Art, SEVEN is well known for the many colorful and vibrant graffiti murals and canvas paintings he has painted throughout the Southeastern Unites States. He is skilled in Digital Illustration, Cartooning, Graphic Design, Marketing and Promotions. SEVEN is the creator and founder of Hot Butta Skateboard Co.

Equity in the Arts Grant Activity 1:
Mural Painting
Date(s): April 2017
Location: Brainerd Road at the McCallie Tunnel
Description: The Artist SEVEN will paint a large scale mural on a building located on Brainerd Road at the McCallie Tunnel.

Equity in the Arts Grant Activity 2: Mural Painting
Date(s): April-May, 2017
Location: Main Street
Description: The artist Joy Taylor will paint a large scale mural on a building located on Main Street.

Equity in the Arts Grant Activity 3: Burnin’ Bridges Block Party & Paint Jam
Date(s): June 24 & 25, 2017
Times(s): 10:00am-5:00pm
Location: Art Creations, 201 Frazier Ave
Description: Burnin’ Bridges Block Party and Mural Jam will be held in the parking lot of Art Creations on Frazier Avenue. It will feature four mural artists, live music street performances, a DJ, food trucks and more.

Equity in the Arts Grant Activity 4: Burnin’ Bridges Mural Apprenticeship
Date(s): June 2017
Time(s): 5 days
Description: The Artist SEVEN will take an artist apprentice and train him/her in mural techniques over a one week period allowing the artist to create their first large scale mural while collaborating creatively with a professional artists.


Bio: Nabil Ince aka “Seaux Chill” is a R&B musician, producer and poet. Originally from Columbia, MD, he is pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Music at Covenant College and is a current resident at the Harrison Center for the Arts in Indianapolis, IN. Ince has taught music theory and piano to inner city youth, putting an emphasis on group music lessons and music education for social change. This summer, Ince will work with the East Lake Expression Engine’s summer program, providing music education to students in the East Lake community. Ince’s artist name is Seaux Chill.
Contact:, 443-285-1347

Equity in the Arts Grant Activity 1: Listening Party for Album “Freedom Ave.”
Date(s): Friday, March 24, 2017
Time(s): 6:00pm
Location: Edney Innovation Center, 5th Floor (1100 Market Street)
Description: Every song will have some type of visual (music video, lyric video, etc.) to go with it. ELLAchattanooga will also create an interactive art space designed to engage listeners of all ages to become active participants in creating while listening. The album will be released the day after the Listening Party o March 25, 2017.

Equity in the Arts Grant Activity 2: Live Concert of “Freedom Ave.”
Date(s): September 8, 2017
Time(s): 7:00pm
Location: The Camp House, 149 E M L King Blvd.
Description: This is an opportunity for the community to experience a performance of “Freedom Ave.” with a live band. The concert will feature the students from East Lake Expression Engine along with other local artists.


Bio: Founded in 1995, the Creative Discovery Museum is one of the “crown jewels” of Chattanooga’s Riverfront and has established itself as one of Chattanooga’s most dynamic and innovative cultural institutions. It has attracted four million visitors since its opening 20 years ago. Working toward a vision to make the community the best place to grow up, this non-profit institution offers families a new way of looking at the arts and sciences “sparking” the passions of a new generation of Chattanooga’s children. Its mission is to inspire all children to explore, innovate, create and play. The CDM supports and promotes culturally diverse programming through year-round arts-based programming and traveling exhibitions.
Contact: Liza Blair,, 423-648-6069

Equity in the Arts Grant Activity: Artist-In-Residency Program
Artist(s)/Date(s): Summer 2017 through December 2017
-Randy Peterson, Island Steel Pan Music Residency
-Josiah Golson, Visual Arts and Writing Residency
-Isela Arredondo, Jewelry Residency
Time(s): Check the museum’s hours online.
Location: Creative Discovery Museum, 321 Chestnut Street
Description: The Creative Discovery Museum is creating an Artist-In-Residency Program as a part of a larger initiative to expand on-going art activities and provide new opportunities to expose Museum guests to a wider assortment of art forms not currently presented in the Museum art exhibits. The CDM will contract three individual artists for eight to twelve week residencies that will take place this summer and continue through December 2017. Each artist will be on-site to work with Museum guests in creating artwork for the Museum and artwork to take home. The residency program will feature visual arts and music, including drawing, jewelry making and steel pan instruments.
Artists and residencies include: Isela Arredondo, a Mexican born jewelry maker presenting a jewelry making residency to create a piece for the Museum and a piece for children to take home; Josiah Golson, visual art and writing residency; and Randy Peterson, a native of St. Croix and steel pan instrument maker and musician presenting a live-music and instruction residency.

PROJECT: House of Views: A Salon

Bio: AVA, the Association for Visual Arts, is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that works to connect the visual arts and the community-at-large. It does this by providing resources for those who make art (whether professional artists, emerging artists, students or non-artists) and fostering connections among art-makers and audiences. AVA aims to connect visual artists and community in personal and experiential ways because it believes art makes people and communities better.
Contact: 423-265-4282

Equity in the Arts Grant Activity: House of Views: A Salon
Date(s): September-November, 2017; One Thursday every month
Time(s): 6:30-8:10pm
Location: AVA, 30 Frazier Avenue
Description: The House of Views Salon will utilize the newly renovated front gallery of AVA for performances and discussions led by talented local Black and Latino musicians, visual artists and poets. Traditionally, a “salon” is a gathering of people under the roof of an inspiring host, held partly to entertain the guests and partly to refine the taste and increase the knowledge of the participants through conversation. While adhering somewhat to the “idea” and format of the salon, the House of Views Salon will entertain the audience and participants, but more importantly it will seek to refine the taste and increase the knowledge of Black and Latino art for artists, non-artists; and particularly those of other cultures and ethnic backgrounds and traditions. Many of the participating artists will explain, and in some cases demonstrate their artistry and discuss the motivation behind the creation of their artwork. Guests will enjoy live performances, food, drinks and will have the opportunity to join in dialogue with the artists.

Schedule: 6:30pm – Live Music | 7:00pm – Welcome, Introduction by Alexis Willis | 7:10pm – Visual Artist | 7:40pm – Poet | 8:10pm –  Community Announcements, Farewell

September 12: Tupac Lives **(Bonus)
The Association for Visual Arts and Velvet Poetry present: Tupac Lives – a workshop dedicated to the poetry and music of Tupac Shakur. The connection between inspiration and creativity will be observed as featured artists share their responses through live painting and dance, and visitors write poems influenced by Tupac’s book: “The Rose that Grew from Concrete.” Taking place on the day prior to the anniversary of his death, this event will highlight his poetic and lyrical impact on the arts. The workshop will be facilitated by Erika Roberts creator of Velvet Poetry Productions and will have thought provoking writing prompts to stir up the message of the evening.

September 28: Bangin’ Bayou
The Bayou culture is a key component to Black History. From the 18th to the 20th century, slaves and free people of color in this region constantly performed traditions to ensure the survival of their African roots. Post slavery, it was within the Bayou environment where African Americans began to build communities and initiate businesses. The Bayou is the birthplace of Jazz and has influenced many other forms of music such as soul and rock & roll. So what better way to begin the House of Views series than with a Bangin’ Bayou’!

October 19: Leading Ladies
This House of Views session will not only celebrate diversity in terms of ethnicity, but also gender. “Leading Ladies” is a showcase saluting the female artist power houses of our Chattanooga community. The role of females in our society is vital and at times depreciated, but with this event we’re giving them due recognition. Each of these headliners have made a name for themselves and are known for being women in charge. Join us for specialty cocktails and hors d’oeuvres as we celebrate ladies night! 
Women featuredNancy Westmoreland, musician; Erika Roberts, poet; Kristina Sanchez Mills, visual artist
* AVA is still taking donations for victims of the recent hurricanes (all proceeds will be given to UNICEF).

November 16: Day of the Dead
The Día de los Muertos holiday may be over, but the celebration continues! In this House of Views Salon, AVA will feature some of Chattanooga’s Latino artists who will take the stage and share their stories. Join AVA as it takes in the Latino culture and heritage, through the performing arts. AVA will also be accepting gift cards and cash donations for the victims of Hurricane Harvey during the House of Views Series, and it will give 100% of it to the following organizations: Cajun Navy, Houston Food Bank, SPCA and UnitedWay.


Bio: Lucid Tales Productions, LLC is a Chattanooga-based entertainment company that strives to help supply artists of all levels with a professional platform upon which they can develop and perform their crafts. It aims to find local artists of many talents that are willing and dedicated to help Chattanooga’s communities discover the powerful messages that can be found throughout art. It hopes to inspire other theaters and companies to find new and more inclusive ways to create art for our diverse communities.
Contact:, (423) 458-2537

Equity in the Arts Grant Activity
: Social Justice Short Play/Showcase – “Unity” part of the Power Piece Series
Date(s): May 20, 2017
Time(s): Doors at 7:00pm, Showtimes at 7:30pm
Location: Chattanooga State Humanities Building Auditorium
Description: Lucid Tales will present a social justice short play, Unity, featuring local artists who study acting, singing, poetry and dance. This is the first showcase in a series of stage productions known as Power Pieces. Each Power Piece will deal with issues facing the community. After each show, the audience will have a talk-back session with her performers about the issues they saw.

To learn more about Lucid Tale Productions, click here.


Bio: Alex Paul Loza is a Peruvian artist based in Collegedale, Tennessee. Loza attended Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan to study under master portraitist Harry Ahn. Ahn encouraged Loza to transfer to the American Academy of Art in Chicago, Illinois where he received his Bachelor degree in Fine Arts. After several years as a figurative narrative artist in Chicago, Loza relocated to Collegedale, Tennessee with his wife and children. For the past several years he has been commissioned to paint numerous portraits for private collectors throughout the United States, Canada and Latin America. He has collaborated with other muralists in several public art projects in Chicago and Chattanooga. Loza is also the Co-Founder and Executive Director for CLAVA, the Center for Latin American Visual Arts, which serves as a platform to empower and showcase the works of Chattanooga’s local Latino artists. With each art piece he creates, Loza aims to give the viewers a glimpse of his thought process as well as to present artworks that motivate admiration for the beauty of culture and humanity.
Contact:, (423) 615-9324

Equity in the Arts Grant Activity 1: Painting Workshop
Date(s): June 4-July 2, 2017
Time(s): 1:00pm-5:00pm
Location: Art Creations, 7531 Commons Blvd.
Description: Every Sunday, starting June 4th, Alex will conduct a painting workshop at Art Creations at 7351 Commons Blvd. near Hamilton Place Mall.

Equity in the Arts Grant Activity 2: Embracing Your Raíces, Abranzado Tus Roots – Community Mural Painting
July 23, 2017
ArtsBuild, 301 E 11th Street, Parking Lot
Bring your family and join us as we paint a portable mural in the ArtsBuild parking lot. The mural will celebrate and highlight the Latino community’s contribution to Chattanooga’s growth; share our culture with our children and Chattanooga residents. Event if free. This portable mural will be on display at Chattanooga City Hall (101 E 11th St) during Hispanic Heritage Month (September-October) then at the Association for Visual Arts (AVA) in January 2018.
Spanish version/versión España:
EVENTO GRATIS. Trae tu familia y acompáñenos a pintar un mural portátil dirigida por Alex Paul Loza, artista local y director ejecutivo del Centro de Artes Visuales Latino Americana, CLAVA. El mural se enfocará en destacar los aportes que los Latinos contribuimos para el crecimiento y mejoría de la cuidad de Chattanooga, como también compartir nuestras raíces con nuestros hijos y nuestra comunidad. El mural portátil estará en exhibición en la municipalidad de Chattanooga (101 E 11th St) durante el mes de la Herencia Hispana (Septiembre-Octubre) y luego en la Asociación de Artes Visuales (AVA) en el mes de Enero 2018. Esperamos verte y juntos hagamos historia!

Equity in the Arts Grant Activity 3: Sapiyqunapaq: My Roots, Mis Raices Solo Show
Date(s): October 5 –  November 5, 2017
Time(s): 6pm
Location: John C. Williams Gallery, Brook Hall, Southern Adventist University
Description: The opening reception for Alex Loza’s solo show will be held on October 5 at the John C. Gallery, Brook Hall, at Southern Adventist University in Collegedale, TN.

Equity in the Arts Grant Activity 5: Celebratory Exhibition
Date(s): January 2018
Time(s): 5:30pm
Location: AVA, 30 Frazier Avenue
Description: During the month of January, all “Sapiyqunapaq: My Roots, Mis Raices” and “Embracing Your Raices, Abrazando Tus Roots” paintings will be on display at AVA, 30 Frazier Avenue. A reception will be held on Friday, January 5 at 5:30pm.


Bio: Charlie Newton has been painting professionally for 50+ years having received a Bachelor of Art from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and a Master of Fine Art from Old Dominion and Norfolk State Universities in 1987. He has focused chiefly on private sales, residencies and public commissions including the University of Georgia, The North Carolina Zoo, The Lee Moffit Center, the Norfolk Zoo, and The Beatties Ford Road Library in Charlotte, NC. Mr. Newton’s art incorporates “African Chips” he invented to use as cultural archetypes and draped canvas to illustrate African heritage in an American Southern vernacular to express spirituality through large canvases. You can view his art at

Iantha Newton is a native of London, England, but has resided in Tennessee for the last 26 years with her fellow artist and husband, Charlie. The works of Iantha Newton are wood panel, canvas, and found objects from nature. Her landscapes are realistic though from her imagination. Her art is focused on the unconscious memory and healing, and her paintings will usually consist of three or more sections attached to each other to form one whole.

Together, Charlie and Iantha founded SPLASH, a year-round free youth arts workshop. SPLASH teaches free art classes to predominately African American “at risk” and under-served youth in College Hill Courts, a housing project in Chattanooga. The motivation behind SPLASH comes from the ancient Proverb “Your gift will make room for you.”  The workshop creates a safe place for young artists to grow and express themselves. The program serves kids of all ages ranging from 4 to 17 years old.
Contact:, (423)-320-6738

Equity in the Arts Grant Project: A Shared Diversity will explore the different meanings, possibilities and potentialities of diversity via the creation of a large installation of two dimensional artworks created in collaboration with husband and wife, Charlie and Iantha Newton. Their artwork will be displayed in diverse and unconventional venues in Chattanooga in order to reach a broader audience for Black art.

Equity in the Arts Grant Activity 1: AVA Exhibition and Artist Talk
Date(s): July 3-29, 2017 (Exhibition); July 7, 2017 at 5:30pm (Reception); July 13, 2017  at 6:00pm (Gallery Talk)
Time(s): 11:00am-5:00pm
Location: AVA, 30 Frazier Avenue

Equity in the Arts Grant Activity 2:
Exhibition at City Hall
 September 4-November 30, 2017; Reception TBA
Location: City Hall, 1000 Lindsay St.

Equity in the Arts Grant Activity 3: Exhibition at the North River Civic Center
Date(s): January 1-March 30, 2018; Reception on January 12 at 5:00pm
Location: North River Civic Center, 1009 Executive Dr # 102, Hixson, TN

Equity in the Arts Grant Activity 4: Exhibition at the Chattanooga Theatre Centre during production of The Wiz
Date(s): September 15-October 10, 2017; Opening Reception on September 15 at 7:00pm
Location: Chattanooga Theatre Centre, 400 River St.


Bio: After serving as a Community Worker with Latino children, Pablo decided to pursue a Masters in Marriage Family and Therapy – this is where he developed an ear for hearing and understanding people, as well as his love for storytelling. Pablo is passionate about fostering solidarity between the American and immigrant community. His philosophy is that “healing begins when our experience is felt and understood.” For this reason, he finds that the majority of his work revolves around helping people connect with others. Pablo is grant recipient of ArtsBuild’s Equity in the arts Program where he produced a storytelling project on the resilience of two first generation Latinas titled “Resilient.”

Contact:, 919-426-5086

Equity in the Arts Grant Activity: Resilient Film Premiere followed by Multiple Screenings
Date(s): October 10, 2017
Time(s): 6:30pm-8:30pm
Location: The Camp House, 149 E M L King Blvd
Description: Pablo produced a storytelling project on the resilience of two first generation Latina women titled “Resilient.” The goal of Resilient is to introduce the people of Chattanooga to these women’s journeys of resilience and how they are adding value to our local communities. The film will be shown during National Hispanic Heritage Month on October 10 at The Camp House. There will be a post-movie discussion, between the audience and the production team, where they will process and reflect on the experiences shared in the documentaries. There will also be music, food, and a Latin mini market. Buy tickets here.


The deadline to submit a Letter of Intent to apply for this grant was December 16, 2016. For additional information about the Equity in the Arts grant program, contact Rodney Van Valkenburg at ArtsBuild: or (423) 777-4214.

Community Cultural Connections Grants

In response to Imagine Chattanooga 20/20, ArtsBuild implemented a program which makes arts and culture more accessible to underserved populations, inclusive of geographic area, ethnicity, age and individuals with disabilities.

The Diversity section of Imagine Chattanooga 20/20 suggests the following goal:
“To ensure that neighborhoods and underserved communities are better served, a special neighborhood arts and culture program should be developed that provides small grants for neighborhood and community cultural initiatives.”

Funding for the Community Cultural Connections (CCC) grants was provided by the Lyndhurst Foundation, Hamilton County Commissioner Tim Boyd, and generous community contributions.

Community Cultural Connections Grant Application


FY 2018 Community Cultural Connections Grant Recipients (as of October 6, 2017)

Center for Mindful Living to support artists at Celebration of International Peace Day.

The Pop-Up Project to support video recording at “The Big Nine Art Bash.”

Bike Walk Tennessee to provide arts supplies at City Celebration & Ciclovia.

Jewish Federation to support the performance of Simcha!: A Celebraton of Klezmer and Yiddish Folk Music.

Annoor Academy to provide teaching artist support for Growing up Muslim in Chattanooga Photography Project.

EnVaGe to support EnVaGe (Ensemble of Variable Geometry) Inaugural Concert.

Lincoln Park Neighborhood Association to provide funding for performers at Lincoln Park Community Reunion.

AMP to support Ebony Archives with 20-30 year old artists.

St. Elmo Incline Crawl to support St. Elmo Incline Crawl Art Festival.

Chattanooga Chinese Association to fund costumes and instruments for Chattanooga Chinese Dance Group.

FY 2017 Community Cultural Connections Grant Recipients

Chattanooga Chinese Association for dragon costume for Chinese Dancing Group.

Hope for the Inner City to provide job training in silk screening in techniques.

SoundCorps to support buskers throughout Chattanooga.

Unity Performing Arts  for an after-school arts program for inner city youth.

Scenic City Opera to support of the opera production of der Vampyr.

Chattanooga Bach Choir for educational support for Elijah concert.

ARC Support for artist residency program.

St. Marks to support Faithmarks projects combining tattoo art and religious symbols.

green|spaces to support Pool – Lighting the Path Project.

Chattanooga State Community College to support performers at Latino Fest.

Chattanooga Therapeutic Services to support Expressions: Theatrical Camp for Teens with Special needs.

Independent Youth Services for visual art classes offered by Charlie Newton and SPLASH for inner-City youth summer camp.

Grassroots midTown for support of arts activities for El Mercado Latino American market at MidTown Celebrates Fall Festival.

Young Gifted and Black to support monthly high school/young adult led performances at Mercy Junction.

Family Promise for art therapy workshops offered for homeless families led by Brooke Montague.

Guitar Chattanooga for support of a concert by French guitarist Judicael Perroy at Chattanooga State in March.

Burnin’ Bridges for support of a new mural festival led by the artist SEVEN to be held at the Chattanooga Choo-Choo.

GlassHouse Collective for support of mural artists at Glass Street Live block party.

Culture Fest to support African and Mexican performing artists at Culture Fest.

River City Sessions to support showcases of local and regional musicians, poets, storytellers through live events and a monthly radio show on WUTC.

SPLASH for workshops for youth that live primarily within Chattanooga’s Westside.

Urban League for youth workshops led by Charlie Newton and SPLASH.

Chattanooga Film Festival for support of a workshop by Joe Bob Briggs examining the history of film in Tennessee.

800 Collective for workshops led by Josiah Golson at the Chattanooga Public Library for teens to explore social issues through art activities.

BJS Productions for support of actor stipends for dinner theatre production produced by Brandalyn Shropshire held at the Kingdom Center in November.

HCDE Community Art Workshop for support of a workshop by arts educator John Smolko for HCDE visual artists and community artists.

Hamilton Sings to support a community concert by fifth grade students from HCDE schools.

Friends of Chattanooga Public Library to support The MANIFEST film and Workshop Series for teens led by artist Christian Collier.

FY 2016 Commmunity Cultural Connections Grant Recipients

Art120 for art car artists to lead workshops for Hamilton County students and senior citizens as part of the Scenic City Art Car Weekend.

Chattanooga Chinese Association to organize and acquire dragon costumes for a dragon dance in celebration of the Chinese New Year.

Christian Family Theater to support materials for the musical Annie Jr. presented at Brainerd UMC involving underserved youth in the cast and crew.

Grassroots midTown to support arts events at the 2nd annual midTown Celebrates Fall Festival.

Handmade Here/Tennessee Crafts to support pottery workshops for seniors in public housing and provide transportation to the Empty Bowls exhibit at Chattanooga Workspace.

H*Art Gallery to support workshops held in community centers with a culminating exhibit at the H*Art Gallery with first responders, police officers and firefighters creating art alongside with members of the community.

La Paz to support local artist Olga de Klein to teach twenty Latina participants with minimal exposure to the arts how to paint on canvas.

Lincoln Park Neighborhood Association to support an annual reunion to help educate and celebrate the history of the Lincoln Park area.

Premiere Studios Entertainment to support a four week summer performing arts camp for inner-city young people ages 7 – 18 in June, 2016.

RiverCity Co. to support Passageways, a public design and art exhibit focusing on animating alleyways that exist between city buildings.

SPLASH to support 50 young people mostly from Chattanooga’s Westside area to participate in art classes led by Charlie and Iantha Newton.

Spring 2015 Community Cultural Connections Grant Recipients

A Different Touch to provide art instruction for juveniles at the Hamilton County Juvenile Detention Center.

Chattanooga Housing Authority to provide low-income residents a means of transportation and admission to cultural events.

East Lake Expression Engine to expand a youth musical arts program for up to 80 local students.

East Lake Neighborhood Association to create a wall mural along Dodds Avenue painted by local artist Seven.

Ensemble Theatre of Chattanooga to produce a festival of short plays highlighting different cultural themes.

Family Promise of Greater Chattanooga to provide art therapy for homeless families with children.

H*Art Gallery to create portable, pocket-sized and waterproof art supply packs for homeless families, hospice clients and hospitalized children.

La Paz to host arts and crafts workshops for women in the Latino community.

Native American Services of Tennessee to establish an annual event to bring Native American musical performances to the Chattanooga area.

Renaissance Presbyterian Church Literacy Arts Program to host artistic and creative thinking classes, taught by local artists, for low-income children.

The Salvation Army ReCreate Café to expand the work of Playback Theatre and prepare for regular performances throughout the community.

Senior Arts Council to offer opportunities for senior citizens to attend and participate in cultural events and activities.

SPLASH to establish a summer art program, teaching easel painting and drawing to over 100 students.

2013 – 2014 Community Cultural Connections Grant Recipients

Chattanooga Kids on the Block, Inc. to provide two five-day puppet training workshops for children ages 6 – 11.

Chattanooga Resident Service Department to provide a means of transportation and admission access to area cultural events for low-income residents.

Chattanooga School of Language to host an 8-week language and culture class for approximately 40 children at Northside Neighborhood House.

Chattanooga Workspace to provide art instruction for juveniles at the Hamilton County Juvenile Detention Center.

East Lake Neighborhood Association to host Movies in the Park event for residents in the East Lake community.

Folk School of Chattanooga to establish a Bluegrass Club at Red Bank Middle school and host a national bluegrass banjo champion for an in‐school performance with other local musicians.

Girls Inc. to establish an afterschool project that will provide girls with hands-on experiences in the fine arts.

Glass House Collective to host a professional musician as an instructor for a beginner violin course at Hardy Elementary School.

Greenwood Resident Council to bring fine arts classes to the residents of Greenwood Terrace. H*Art Gallery to create portable, pocket‐sized and waterproof art supply packs for transient or homeless artists.

Highland Park Neighborhood Association to create a series of murals on McCallie Avenue painted by local artist Kevin Bate.

Hixson Community Center to host a series of photography workshops led by a professional photographer.

LAUNCH to paint a 10 x 20 mural on a newly acquired property in the Alton Park community.

North River Civic Center to host a series of classes teaching introductory oil painting to seniors in the community.

Northside Neighborhood House to provide afterschool programming related to dance and the arts in partnership with Chattanooga Ballet.

Partnership for Families, Children and Adults to provide African drum and dance classes to children in inner-city community centers.

Secret Weave to host a multi‐media performance series in underserved neighborhoods and communities in the Chattanooga area.

Senior Arts Council to sponsor a series of four artistic and cultural programs for seniors, including museum visits, dance, music and theatre performances.

Signal Centers to provide movement and music instruction for children and adults with special needs in partnership with two local artists.

SPLASH to host weekly painting workshops for children integrating art, literacy and history.

Students Taking a Right Stand to facilitate student teams to rehearse and perform a dramatization reflecting the emotional impact of bullying behaviors in partnership with Ensemble Theatre of Chattanooga.

Therapeutic Recreation Services to host an 8‐week community program focusing on arts experiences for individuals with disabilities.

2012 – 2013 Community Cultural Connections Grant Recipients

Belvoir Neighborhood Association to purchase and display artwork from Public Art Chattanooga within the Belvoir Neighborhood.

Bethleham Community Center to teach the value of African culture to students through dance, music, art, food, clothing, spoken word, song and decorative adornment.

Chattanooga Chapter, Links, Inc. to increase accessibility to the language and imagery of ballet for African-Americans through exhibits, classes, performances and sponsorship.

Community Choir Consortium to host an internationally renowned conductor who will lead a weekend workshop for choirs that will culminate in a public concert performance.

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority to increase exposure to arts venues and performances for 50 young girls in urban Chattanooga.

Eastgate Senior Activity Center to host a 12-week photography class and oral history project for seniors, teaching photography skills and hands-on application for storytelling.

Gang Task Force/The Future is Ours to host a series of workshops incorporating photography skills and techniques with creative writing, community tours and outreach.

Glass House Collective to create and display a temporary art installation, incorporating borrowed items from the community residents on Glass Street.

Glenwood Neighborhood Association to fund the artist and production costs for this year’s festival, celebrating the neighborhood’s 150th anniversary.

H*Art Gallery for the design, creation and publishing of four editions of Unsheltered Voices, a printed publication featuring art and poetry from the homeless community.

In His Hand Church to engage children from the Westside Community to create a large mural.

Chattanooga Mayor’s Office to fund an 11th Street art project featuring 12 freestanding pillars painted by artists and community youth.

Orange Grove Center to integrate physical abilities in dance through dance workshops, performances and artistic collaboration.

Orchard Knob Neighborhood Watch to host an annual neighborhood event featuring live Blues performances, a children’s area and vendors.

Prevention and Youth Development Services to host workshops and training programs for multimedia broadcast and production, integrating media education, radio and video editing and technical training.

Project Success to host classes promoting personal development and storytelling through digital photography.

City of Red Bank to display public art in Red Bank’s park, as well as host musical, theatrical and other public art performances.

Salvation Army to incorporate the arts into both the homeless and non-homeless community through theatre and a city-wide festival.

Signal Centers, Inc. to host 32 music workshops that will provide music and arts exposure to children and adults and feature Bob Stagner of the Shaking Ray Levi Society.

Arts Build Communities Grants

Arts Build Communities (ABC) Grants is a program funded by the Tennessee General Assembly and administered in cooperation with the Tennessee Arts Commission and ArtsBuild.

The objective of these grants is to build communities by nurturing artists, arts organizations (including local arts agencies), and arts supporters in each of Tennessee’s 95 counties. Grant applications and guidelines may found on the Tennessee Arts Commission’s website.

2015 – 2016 ABC Grant Recipients

Bessie Smith Cultural Center – Dance camps for inner-city youth held at the Bessie Smith Cultural Center will be promoted.

Chattanooga’s Kids on the Block, Inc. – Chattanooga’s Kids on the Block will host a free community event, Pinwheels for Prevention, in April 2016 in cooperation with the Creative Discovery Museum.

Mid-South Sculpture Alliance – Expanded programming will be developed through salary support for the Executive Director.

Music Therapy Gateway in Communications, Inc. – MTGIC will partner with the Chattanooga Symphony and Opera (CSO) and the UTC Department of Music to present Dance of the Neural Tango, celebrating the art of music in therapy.

Performing Arts League – The Sunday Showcase, a celebration of local youth performing groups, will take place at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga in November.

Red Bank Elementary – A patriotic concert presented in partnership with Red Bank Elementary, Middle and High Schools will be held in November.

Siskin Children’s Institute – A special sensory-sensitive performance will be held in partnership with the Chattanooga Theatre Centre’s Youth Theatre Program.

SPLASH – Visual art classes will be held for youth in the SPLASH studio, located in the former James A. Henry Elementary School in Chattanooga’s Eastside area, and will teach students entrepreneur skills.

University of Tennessee Chattanooga Music Department – River City Clarinet Winter Festival 2016 will be held in January for local clarinetists and the general public.

YMCA-YCAP – Visual arts workshops will be held through the YCAP program for area middle school students.


2014 – 2015 ABC Grant Recipients

Chattanooga Kids on the Block, Inc. to host a free community event, Pinwheels for Prevention, in April 2015 in cooperation with the Creative Discovery Museum.

Chattanooga Writers’ Guild to conduct a Fall Writers’ Workshop on the craft and business of writing in September 2014 at Chattanooga State Community College.

Highland Park Neighborhood Association to fund stipends for local professional artists participating in The McCallie Walls Mural Project.

Mountain Arts Community Center to purchase supplies for and market classes of the Fairy Garden Project.

Music Therapy Gateway in Communications, Inc. to partner with the Chattanooga Symphony and Opera (CSO), the UTC Department of Music, and the Cadek Conservatory in creating distinctive performance events to celebrate the cause of music in therapy.

River City Company to supply 20 students from Red Bank High School with the materials necessary to create a display to be featured in the Open Spaces program.

Signal Centers, Inc. to market MusicFest, a community event to be held in March 2015, to typically underserved populations within the City of Chattanooga and Hamilton County.

SPLASH to continue to expand and improve Make a SPLASH, a program of free art classes at the James A. Henry School for typically underserved children ages 4 – 17.

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga to co-host, along with the Chattanooga Clarinet Choir, the fourth annual River City Clarinet Winter Festival 2015 featuring concert performances, a lecture, masterclass, and high school solo competition.


2013 – 2014 ABC Grant Recipients

Chattanooga’s Kids on the Block, Inc. to host a free community event, Pinwheels for Prevention, in April 2014 in cooperation with the Creative Discovery Museum.

Choral Arts of Chattanooga to perform Missa Gaia/Earth Mass by Paul Winter during Earth Week 2014. The composition has been called “an environmental liturgy of contemporary music.”

Contemporary Performing Arts of Chattanooga to host the 4th New Dischord Festival, which will bring artists who work in multiple mediums and disciplines into Chattanooga in order to collaborate with local artists to create new works of multidisciplinary art.

Muse of Fire Project to engage a consultant to work with their board and our artistic staff to create a strategic plan for the next 3 years to provide stability and growth for this new entity.

Music Therapy Gateway In Communications, Inc. to partner with the Chattanooga Symphony and Opera (CSO) and the UTC Department of Music in creating a performance event that will help celebrate the cause of therapy in music.

Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church to host “Icons in Transformation,” an exhibition providing an innovative art experience featuring contemporary icons of the Russian born artist Ludmila Pawlowska.

Tennessee Association of Dance to fund executive director salary support which will help increase the organization’s programming throughout the state.

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, in collaboration with the Bessie Smith Cultural Center and the Southeastern Composers League (SCL), to bring the Marian Anderson String Quartet, an acclaimed African American Chamber Ensemble, to Chattanooga for a four day residency in February 2014.

The ABC grant program is funded under an agreement with the State of Tennessee, the Tennessee Arts Commission, and the National Endowment for the Arts.