ArtsBuild believes in cultivating creativity to enhance academic and personal growth.

Our goal, in line with Imagine Chattanooga 20/20, is to ensure that all children and families in Hamilton County will have access to high quality arts and cultural education through a comprehensive and sequential system.

The evidence that the arts contribute to high-quality educational outcomes is overwhelming as evidenced by study after study. Yet in many places, Chattanooga included, arts education is not universally available. Often it is only the affluent who have access and even their opportunities may be episodic—available one year but without continuous pathways of opportunities throughout their educational careers.

ArtsBuild seeks to help alleviate this gap through arts education opportunities for both students and teachers in Hamilton County.

Currently in its ninth year, ArtsBuild’s Imagine! Initiative provides tickets, transportation, and integrated curriculum (developed to State standards) to all Kindergarten through fourth grade students in Hamilton County to attend a professional art event each year. Last year, the Imagine! program provided a professional art event experience for more than 13,500 students in grades K-4.

For the past fifteen years ArtsBuild has provided significant arts-related professional development to Hamilton County classroom teachers through the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts’ Partners in Education program. Multi-day workshops are offered each fall in partnership with the Hamilton County Department of Education to assist K-12 grade teachers and principals with developing their students’ 21st century workplace skills.

Through an organized and deliberate advocacy plan, ArtsBuild is actively working toward the long-term goal of providing substantial visual arts education to all kindergarten through fifth grade students in Hamilton County schools.